Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stay in school kids

After being shunned by the OpenGL lighting system, I decided to implement my own. Halfway through an implementation of raytracing (to calculate shadow maps) I established that I have lost my tenuous grasp of how exactly matrix operations work. The Wikipedia page on matrix multiplication then kindly informed me that matrix operations aren't the only thing I've forgotten how to do. But persistence saw me through and I present to you a horrible monster I like to call ShadowVox (Please spot the vague LOTR reference).

Oh, if you squint you can make out a tiny blue blip (your character) and a yellow one (the position of the light source). Next up, I'll modify the algorithm to calculate shading per vertex instead of per face. I'm hoping that makes it look lots better.

If you're wondering why this looks so much worse than the previously posted image, it's because the previous terrain just assigned darker colors to lower points and brighter ones to higher points. Cheating!

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