Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Loot everywhere!

It's been a productive week so far as I've achieved almost everything I set out to (since the last post). Here's a list of some of the things I did:
  • Implemented a character window that displays stats and gear.
  • Pressing + will now switch between two different camera modes.
  • Container looting is now working.
  • Added a new monster type: Orcs (Although they look more like some sort of Reptiles-People).
  • Wearing items that grant LUCK will now give you a better chance of receiving improved loot.
  • Modified the mob and item placement algorithm to give better flow to the dungeon.
  • Optimized memory usage quite a lot and fixed a few leaks.

That said. there are still a few memory issues that pop up randomly that I'll try and squash. I also want to design two more mobs, change the item naming scheme a little bit and do a lot of balance work. Despite that daunting task, you can still expect Alpha to be released this weekend for download.

While you wait, here are some screenshots of the new camera mode, character window and Serpentine Orcs, I might actually name them that!


  1. Sweet! This is going to be awesome!

  2. NICE it is really coming along nicely, I that snake eyed Orgs, it looks like he has another reptilian friend, the brown 2 legged guy.
    Good luck with finding those memory issues.

  3. Nice job, that's quite a bit in a week! What are the gravestones for?

    1. Ah, good question. Can't believe I never thought to mention that. When a mob dies, a grave pops up in its place that you can then loot.

    2. Cool, do they stick around until looted or just go away after a while?

    3. At the moment they stick around. I'll change it sometime so that they get removed after looting.