Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Voxel Editor

EDIT: Lots of people are looking for a free voxel editor. Mine is horribly out of date and not supported any more but I can definitely recommend this one by ephtracy.

So, Project Vox. I've finally established exactly where I'm going to go with it. I don't want to divulge too much about it at this moment so I'm only going to say that I'll be making it into a type of roguelike (think nethack with voxels). Using voxels for this purpose makes it easy to generate fun to look at rooms and items on the fly and easily modify said items as well. I'll be able to create a fully random environment for players to explore with items and monsters completely new to your game (obviously based on templates). I also plan to add a few RPG elements and a way to persist your acquired items (you're probably thinking that this would beat the purpose of a roguelike but I have some more information on this that I'm not yet ready to divulge).

After it dawned on me that defining models manually in 3D arrays would quickly be my demise, I spent some time on writing a voxel editor to assist in the arduous task of creating content.

Please note, this is a potion, not a traffic cone.


  1. I like this, I think I will create some plants for your approval.

  2. Cool little editor! I tried it out some but I have no idea what these models are going to do. Will they just be decoration or will they have some potential usage?

  3. The models will be used for item models mostly (swords, axes, etc...) and to a lesser extent decoration (statues, rock formations).

  4. Does this allow animating the created models? Or just creating them? If you cannot use this for animations aswell then I am afraid it is not for me :P

    1. I'll be releasing the alpha version of my game this weekend, after which I'm going to extend the editor to handle animations as well.

  5. Please update the link for download!

  6. The link is dead

  7. still want do download and try any download links?