Sunday, February 12, 2012

Voxel Heroes

As some of you may have noticed, I have been spending the past few weeks converting Project Vox into a roguelike. On top of that, I have been very secretive as to the nature of what exactly it is that would make this roguelike stand out among the rest. Allow me to make use of this opportunity to admit that it was not secrecy, but unwillingness to type a lot of words that is largely to blame for the lack of information.

But I digress. Voxel Heroes will allow the dungeon-crawling hero to collect powerful items from the depths of a randomly generated dungeon. Upon death, the player will be given the opportunity to unlock some of the items he has acquired from the dungeon (for a fee). These items will then appear at the Voxel University (See what i did there?), and will be available for future characters to use. 

The reason I decided to go this direction is due to the fact that the random item generator has the capability of generating extremely powerful items (also very rare). In addition to the rare occurrence of some items, the player will also be able to utilize rare runes and other collectibles to craft items with. Allowing the player to unlock these items for future use will give those long hours of grinding (or lucky drops) future use.

for those of you thinking this will break the roguelike experience; do not fear! To unlock an item, money will have to be spent which could better have been spent on potions or items for your current character (from the merchants that can be found) so choose wisely! Remember, the more powerful the item, the more expensive the unlocking cost.

Due to the voxel graphics, items can be modified at playtime to present the player with completely unique looks. This also applies to mobs, NPCs and the general dungeon look.

Now, with no further ado. I present to you the screenshots!


  1. Awesome, It is starting to look like a game, and cool too!

  2. Soooo... when do I get to play it? =3

  3. You might want to try flipping the characters and items so that they lie flat on the ground (parallel to it), rather than stand up. As it is now, they're rather small-looking and hard to "read" (ie, figure out what's what).

  4. Look pretty cool. Is there a camera system?