Saturday, March 3, 2012

Voxel Heroes: Alpha (Includes Controls)

Finally, the moment is here!

The game is still very unbalanced and memory management is basically non-existent. That said, please let me know if you find any bugs and definitely tell me what you would like to have implemented next!

I'll do a proper write-up soon (I really need to take a break!)


  • Movement: wasd
  • Loot: e (You can loot graves and chests)
  • Inventory: tab
  • Camera Mode: +
  • Attack: Just walk into mobs
  • Equip Item: Click on the item name in the middle pane, and then on the name again, in the right pane.
  • Quit: esc

Download Voxel Heroes Here


  1. So far I'm loving it.
    I would suggest prompting the player when he presses 'Esc' before closing the game. I keep on trying to 'Esc' menu's and then get kicked from the game.

  2. Cute little dungeon crawler. In my eagerness to try it out i didn't read the whole post and had some fun trying to figure out the controls. Got them all intuitively except equipping an item (double clicking in the middle pane makes sense to me. And i got bit by the Esc kick as well

  3. When I try and loot the gems in the chambers the game crashes.

  4. Hehe, those are supposed to be flowers, you can't loot those. I'll fix the crash though.