Friday, February 22, 2013

Random World Generator

These last few days, I've been taking a short break from hardcore gamedev. During this time I've been messing around with a terrain generator in JavaScript.

I'll be writing a tutorial on some of the techniques used here soon but until then, here are some screenshots. I took a screenshot after every major change so you can track the progress and the steps that were taken fairly well.

Basic terrain generation using 3 different Perlin values per tile.
Modified water depth falloff .
Added beaches.
Smoothed out the Perlin noise and enhanced the water falloff further.
Implemented a basic occlusion shader.
Enhanced the shader.
Implemented full ambient occlusion in the shader.
Modified the water depth falloff even further.
Added color interpolation for the heightmap and scaled terrain.
Just a test to see what it would look like without an ocean.


  1. Hey, Davian. Have you had any contact with Vartib since his site went down? I'm still sad that he stopped. :( I liked his game a lot. It was really fun to read about and all. Too bad he lost interest . . .

    Anyhow, this all looks great. Morf is quite fun, if a bit impossible. :) I keep dying . . . over and over again . . . gah! XD

    1. Hey man, nice hearing from you. No I haven't and it is a shame, you're right. You should start blogging again as well.

      I know 2 people on reddit finished Morf. So it must be possible!

    2. Ha ha, yeah, it must be!

      Yeah, I'm actually downloading DarkBASIC Pro right now - I bought a tutorial book online and I should be good to go within a week or two of learning BASIC. It looks . . . totally different from JavaScript, which I used for the other thing I worked on.

      What I'm going to be doing is making, to the best of my ability, a side-scrolling pseudo-RPG type deal. Just to see what I can do.

    3. Great, let me know when you start.