Friday, March 22, 2013

Announcing [Insert Name Here]

As promised, today is the day we divulge some details about the new game. This last week we've been spending a lot of time on getting the game architecture down to prevent rewrites on a large scale later on. But what exactly is this game?

Four adventurers taking on two spiders and their handler, an orc warrior.
The game can best be described as a procedurally generated Dungeon Siege. Your game begins with you controlling a lone adventurer. As you explore the world, you meet other adventurers who will join your party. Some of them will be eager enough to join that they'll allow you to recruit them for free. Others, like a pervy rogue will tell you he'll only join if you have enough women in your party. Or maybe a wandering bard will ask you to retrieve his stolen harp from a band of banshees before he'll join.

The game will also feature a legendary character for every class. If you are lucky enough to happen upon one of them you'll notice that they always have the same name and backstory. They are much stronger that average characters and they will also join your party already equipped with an item unique to them.

The game will feature dozens of classes with randomized stats. Examples of these classes are knights (sword and shield), warriors (two-handeds sword), archers, wizards (lighting spells), priests, bards (stat boosters), rogues, deathmages (summoners), sorcerers (fire spells), witches (animal control) and many, many more.

Each character will have an ability unique to his class and one equipment slot for items to further specialize him or her with. Examples of items are a trinket that  has a chance to reflect projectiles, a small vial of fire that adds burning damage to every attack and a songbird that frequently boosts a random stat for every member in your party.

The world will be generated with different areas serving various purposes. You might happen upon a small village in a murky swamp where you can recruit new members, buy and sell items or just chat with the locals. Or maybe you'll find a forest littered with signs warning adventurers of an evil monster lurking within. The possibilities are endless which makes each playthrough exciting and unique.

We will have more information regarding a date for an alpha version soon so be sure to check back soon for updates on progress.

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