Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wherefore art I?

With Ludum Dare around the proverbial corner, I finally picked up Pyxel Edit and started making pixel art. I've always been into art but I've never sat down and done something about it. Well, with Big Bad Wofl v2.00, all that has changed.

As it turns out, drawing things is hard and this simple fact became painfully clear when I realized I couldn't draw a pixel rock to save the life of an entire village populated only by small elves who all answer to the name Blork and fill their lives with weaving baskets out of their own beards.

But I pushed through. At the moment, all of my art  is based on (read: copied from) inspiration I get from other pixel art but hopefully if I do this long enough, I'll develop some form of skill.

Calling things I make 'art' feels really pretentious...


  1. Can I ask why you chose PyxelEdit over something more popular like GraphicsGale? I'm trying to pick an editor right now and I haven't found one yet that doesn't feel clumsy. So much so that I've actually considered writing my own with how I feel it should go. (Programming is much more thing than art.)

  2. Haha, I've thought about writing my own one too (haven't stopped thinking about it).

    Because I'm still starting off, PyxelEdit is much easier to use. I launched GG but felt very intimidated by it :D