Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Numbers Everywhere!

I've been working on implementing my own Voxel Font. The first use of it being combat numbers. Currently, doing damage will display the damage done above your character. This is only really usable in the side view as you won't be able to discern the numbers from above.

Here are some screenshots featuring the text as well as a preliminary look at the new themes. All the themes currently have the same decorations (flowers) but I'll work on expanding that later.


  1. Why did you choose to have the text as voxels, and not as pixelated text (which is equally readable from any angle?)

    1. The problem is the angle. You can't read the text from above if it's being drawn from this angle, regardless of what kind of text you have. I'll probably just rotate the numbers if you're viewing the game from above.

      I chose to have 3D text for the purpose of being able to add effects and shading to the text.