Saturday, March 10, 2012

Voxel Heroes: v0.11

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After a week of fixing and tweaking, I present to you the latest version of Voxel Heroes. Most of the bugs were picked up by /r/gamedev on Reddit for which I'm very grateful. I hope the changes I've made will make the game more enjoyable for all of you.

What's new?
  • Fixed a crash when looting flowers and spikes.
  • Fixed a bug that made weapon minimum damage to display as the same as the maximum damage in tooltips.
  • Pressing Esc will no longer close the game but rather close the active menu (should there be one).
  • Removed a piece of test code that was forcing the same level to be loaded every time. Levels will now differ between consecutive games.
  • An equip / unequip / consume button has been added to the inventory screen.
  • UI system changes
    • Child elements now inherit the position of their parent element.
    • Textboxes and Buttons are now dynamically translatable.
  • When attacking a mob, a small dialog box will appear with an image and info of the mob.
  • After a corpse has been completely looted, the loot window will close.
  • Pressing R will now make the character move in the last direction until a wall or mob is reached.
  • A trap will only do damage to a player once. Thereafter the trap will still be visible but the player will avoid it.
  • Fixed a memory error where an illegal object was being created.
  • Memory is better deallocated after dying and starting a new game. This should fix a lot of crashes.
  • A lot of scaling modifications.
Thanks for the support!


  1. Nice looking game. It would be nice if you could play with just the keyboard. Having to switch to the mouse is a pet peeve of mine.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You're right it is annoying. The next release will allow you to use the menus and popups if you prefer that.