Thursday, December 13, 2012

Code Minification Complete

After about 7 hours of tedious work, the 20,000 lines of code that made up Rivenrealm, the Map Editor and the Sprite editor has been combined into one sparkly new project of only 5,000 lines.

I've also enhanced the map and sprite editors to fully integrate with the game itself. Here's where I stand now:
  • Map loading
  • Actor loading
  • Random generation of foliage and other map decorations
  • Player movement
Then there are subsystems that I have written and are complete but serve no purpose in-game yet:
  • UI Engine
  • Random Item Generator
And lastly, I still have all the code (and functionality) from Voxel Heroes that I need to convert (if and when I need it):
  • Melee Combat
  • Basic Spellcasting
  • Mob Looting
  • Voxel Shader
  • Dungeon Generator
  • Inventory System for Equipping and Consuming items
Next, I will start work on generating Dungeons. Fun!

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