Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So much to do

I had hoped that I could jump straight in and start working on Pixel Heroes: Alpha but I decided that I should rather work on cleaning up and combining all the different projects I have first.

See, Rivenrealm (the project I'm using as a base for PH) is made up of the game code, a sprite editor and a map editor. All of these use basically the same code (my game engine) with some extra things (game logic). The Voxel Editor from Voxel Heroes will also need to be incorporated and it also uses much of the same code.

So, I'm busy combining things. Working through the 20,000 lines of code will be (I'm sure) a rewarding task to complete but at the moment it is making me so very annoyed.

No screenshots right now, and most likely not for the next day but I will keep you posted. Hopefully I can get the merging done before Ludum Dare starts.


  1. So how much of the actual gameplay mechanics is ready? Can you name any games that influenced you to making Pixel/Voxel Heroes?

  2. I just finished merging all the code. Look out for a new post within the hour for an update on where I stand now.

    Games that influenced me are:
    World of Warcraft and Oblivion (crafting / professions)
    Minecraft and Terraria (random generation + building)
    ADOM and CULT (Roguelike elements)

    I was also heavily influenced by Cube World to get to understand shading better and to create a lush environment. At a later stage, Pixel Heroes will go back to the original Voxel feel of Voxel Heroes, only keeping the flat sprites for actors and items.

    Have a look at the 'Future Plans' section for an idea of where I'm heading. It was updated for Voxel Heroes last but most of the information is still pertinent.