Friday, January 18, 2013

Morf: Alpha Version

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This has been an interesting week for me. After quite a bit of feedback from Reddit on the previous version of Morf, I've had to swallow my pride and make changes to the game that I wouldn't have made otherwise only to find that after a while, the overall feel of the game was improving drastically.

I think I can say that I've learned my lesson now. I'm pretty sure I'll never get to a point where I can just take negative criticism without losing a beat but I can now see the usefulness of morphing (as it were) negative comments into something positive you can use to your advantage.

Another good thing that came out of this week: I now have a pixel artist working with me on Morf. The request came out of the blue and I am very thankful for it. The game feels so much more immersive now and knowing that the burden of dealing with the artsy aspect of the game has been lifted, I feel so much more driven to continue work on it.

As for changes, there are quite a few and as usual, you can press F during gameplay to see the full changelog. Here are the most notable changes:
  • Added new sprites
  • Wooden and Iron Chests have been replaced with Bags and Silver Chests
  • Mobs can now drop Bags and Keys
  • Gold chests require keys to unlock
  • Added dungeon decorations (rocks, skulls and lights)

Next, I need to start work on creating more trinkets, especially ones that will allow you to cast spells (fireball, heal, shield, etc...)

Lastly, here's a screenshot of the new look thanks to the wonderful art done by Terri Vellmann

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  1. I have to say, I envy how quickly you can come up with games and ideas. For me it's a constant struggle to come up with something feasible.