Saturday, February 16, 2013

Play Morf Now!


As promised, the moment is here. After what proved to be much more work than anybody ever imagined, Morf has been released. Before I go on I need to thank Terri Vellmann for all the amazing artwork.

Morf has been in development for quite some time now and even though I believe there might still be some balancing issues, it's pretty much complete. If any of you should stumble across any bugs, I'd very much appreciate it if you could leave a comment here about it.



  1. Cool! It worked for me this time, although the inventory broke at some point while I was in the undead area. I'm guessing it was caused by having amassed too many items, but I can't be sure.

    The artwork is nice, and the dungeon features give it some nice atmosphere.

    Up until it broke it was easy, I was hardly using items and yet having few problems, no really tense moments. I feel like I'd like to come across a boss creature every now and then to burn some of the items on, and overall the difficulty could be increased by toughening the monsters and/or making items more scarce. Maybe 25-50% fewer weapons and armor (or even less, but make it more powerful so equipment is special), and 75% fewer potions and magicks. Just ideas.

    Overall, nice work!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! That bug has been fixed.

    As for difficulty, 80% of players are finding it too difficult but you'll find that the area you were in is the last one that goes so easily. After that is the ice world in which getting gank-freezed is a real possibility and after that is inferno world in which...I'd rather not spoil it.

  3. I cannot get the game to run. It freezes right after if finishes loading. Sometimes it freezes on the loading screen after the bar has filled up?

    Any tips? Does the game use flash or something like that? I have never had a problem with any other in browser game (although I d'ont play many of them)

    It looks like a cool game though, I would love to play it :)

  4. Sorry, I'm using IE9 and Windows Vista home 32bit. I also tried the game in google chrome and it works a little more, but it wont draw any of the walls. It just shows the player, foes and the loot.